Market Reports

REAL Marketing’s signature Market Reports have been developed and fine-tuned to ensure maximum impact on homeowners and to help you Dominate Any Neighborhood, Anywhere! Through a powerful combination of personalization to each recipient, professional quality, and relevant neighborhood information, our agents have become recognized as the local real estate experts. Here are just some of the strategies behind what make these reports our best-selling product

  • Local – Showcase your expertise, dedication, and commitment to your neighborhood.
  • Relevant – All market report content is designed to position you as the neighborhood
    real estate expert.
  • Exclusivity – We provide farm area exclusivity
    to all of our monthly clients.
  • Personalized – Each report is addressed and personalized to each individual homeowner to provide a personal touch to your marketing.

Leverage your current listings with eye-catching Postcards. Impactful headlines, enhanced photography, and inspired layouts allow potential sellers to experience the quality of marketing and exposure they will receive when listing with you.

Property Brochures

Professional, beautiful design, rich in details. These cornerstones are added to every Property Brochure to help you outclass the competition. Each piece is handcrafted to highlight the best property features through photography, layout, and description.

  • Professional – Your property brochures will be representative of your professional marketing services and campaigns.
  • Choose Your Impact – With over a dozen sizes to choose from, we will create the right piece for your listing.
  • Increased Exposure – Your  mailed property brochures let the neighbors know about your new listing and the quality of your marketing.
  • Go Digital – Choose to add a digital version to host on your website, e-mail to buyers, or post to your social media accounts.
Luxury Property Brochures

At REAL Marketing, we understand that luxury homes deserve a marketing campaign as exceptional as the homes themselves. That’s why we are proud to announce our new line of Luxury Property Brochures for the most discerning listings and their owners. In addition to the same level of professional design and detail you can expect from our products, these brochures offer an unparalleled experience. Choose between several multi-page brochure options or, for the truly stunning properties, the David & Goliath Property Brochure Package. Whichever brochure you choose, homeowners and buyers alike will be in awe.

Personal Spheres

Whether you are just starting out or have an established brand, the Personal Sphere is a great piece to maintain your personal connection to clients, friends, and family. Our Personal Spheres can be selected as a one-time mailing or be developed as a year-long marketing campaign

  • Connectivity – Showcase your commitment to your network with a professionally designed piece just for them.
  • Relevant – Feature relevant market statistics to keep homeowners informed of new trends in the community.
  • Turnkey – Our team develops relevant and personalized content for you; all you have to do is approve.
  • Personalized – Maintain your connection to your network with personalized reports for each homeowner.
Custom Projects

Take your presentations to the next level with custom- designed tools and strategies that work effortlessly to build a professional and consistent brand that sets you apart from the competition. Included in our products are Presentation Books and Marketing Packages to showcase your marketing campaign, Personal Brochures, Business Cards, and more! Below is an overview of our books and guides designed to help you win more listings and grow your business:

  • Listing Presentation Book – Provide homeowners with an in-depth review of your marketing plan! Customized to your brand, this book provides an overview of your services’ past success, and how you leverage your resources to maximize your clients’ return on investment.
  • Buyer’s Guide – A step-by-step guide to buying a home. This book outlines choosing the right home for the buyer’s needs and the purchasing process
  • Seller’s Guide – Educate homeowners and provide peace of mind with an extensive review of the selling process, tips for success, and more.
  • CMA Presentation – A professional and polished Comparative Market Analysis report. Submit the properties to be included in the CMA, and our design team will take care of the rest.
Personal Brochures

Build your network of clients and real estate agents with a powerful and polished review of your services. The impact
of this brochure is immediate – clients will acknowledge the quality they can expect in your marketing and will have a
profile of your luxury real estate services and professionalism.

Interactive Marketing
We know farming works; use our Smart QR Code to enhance this proven approach and see who is scanning your marketing. Each homeowner is assigned a unique QR code embedded with their personal information. When a homeowner scans their code, you will receive the lead via email with the homeowner’s name, address, and time of the scan.

The Essential and Deluxe Listing Presentation Packages are designed to generate leads and turn them into clients. Give homeowners a lasting impression with a beautifully designed Personal Brochure, offering an effective overview of your services. Target your neighborhood of choice with a monthly Market Report and position yourself as the local real estate expert. At your listing presentations, showcase an in-depth review of your marketing program with your Listing Book. The custom Marketing Package showcases how you can effortlessly customize your campaign to their home and how your professional marketing will outclass the competition!

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