Hybrid Market Report

This product is a fusion between the Automated and Custom market Reports. Changes can be made monthly and approval is required in order to mail. Only the front and back pages are customizable on these reports. The back page can feature listings, recently sold, or custom messages monthly. The interior pages will be templated and rotate layouts monthly and cannot be modified.


Set-up Fee: $595.00 per community. Pricing per month, based on a 12-month contract. Community exclusivity only if pieces are mailed monthly.

Sizes and Pricing:

11" x 17" (Folded in half, 4 Pages)
299 homes or fewer$425 + postage
300-799 homes$1.39 each + postage
800-1,499 homes$1.29 each + postage
1,500+ homes$1.19 each + postage
Additional Options
Average Standard postage cost+$0.40 per piece
Average First class (500 Minimum)+$0.75.
per piece
Out of town addresses+$0.21 per piece
UV coating (outside)+$0.10 per piece

*Postage is subject to change depending on USPS


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