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78% of homeowners say they would work with the neighborhood expert if there was one. Our goal is to attract more home sellers and to convey your hyper-local expertise.

Mailing Lists

We can provide a mailing list template if you prefer to use your own list. If not, then we can pull the mailing list for you. If we generate the mailing list for you, we will update it annually, at our cost, provided the contract term has been fulfilled. Mailing lists provided by client are the client’s responsibility to keep current — we suggest updating this no more than once per quarter.


Yes, we use a process called variable data that will display the recipient’s name on the piece throughout. Generally we use verbiage like “Prepared Especially for ” and most call to actions will have the recipient’s name as well.

Once you are through the onboarding process, your designer will schedule a consultation call. You will discuss colors, fonts, and style preferences to make sure that the design is cohesive with your current branding. If you don’t have current branding, or want your look elevated, our team will be more than happy to create a fresh new look for you

We supply up to three FREE proofs (with as many changes per proof as needed). Additional proofs are available at a cost of $15 each.

Once the piece is approved, generally it takes one day in final proofing, then roughly five days to quality check, print, and prep to mail. Then, once we drop it off at the post office, it can take approximately 3-10 business days to land in mailboxes.



The set-up fee is charged immediately. You will be charged monthly on or before the first campaign approval date per the term of your contract.

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