Listing Presentations

Provide homeowners with an in-depth review of your marketing plan! Customized to your brand, this book provides an overview of your services, past success, and how you leverage your resources to maximize your clients’ return on investment.


Design Fee: $129.00/hour. Shipping not included. If more time is needed, your designer will advise you and additional time will be charged after approval.

Shipping Fees: Because each order is unique and page count will vary, all shipping fees will be billed once design is approved and order is ready to ship.

Listing Books: 4 hours will be billed at time of order. If all 4 hours are not needed, a credit will be issued to your account.

Buyer’s and Seller’s Guides: 1 hour will be billed at time of order.

NEW Soft Touch! Print your soft cover books on luxurious, “velvet-like” Soft Touch paper for an additional $1.00 per book. Call 858.847.0335 ext. 7018 for details.

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