As real estate agents continue to look for ways to improve their marketing efforts, many have discovered the value of websites. Creating websites for the different neighborhoods you represent can help you build your reputation as a local expert and a trusted resource for those looking to move into the area. Location-specific websites allow you to display targeted housing market data of that neighborhood while providing your potential clients with valuable information at their fingertips. 

Real estate agents must stay on top of new trends and updates to attract new clients as digital marketing grows. The latest developments in listing website trends can offer you exciting opportunities to engage customers and highlight your listings. Here are some trends to watch for in 2022 and incorporate into your site.

Including High-Quality Photos of Listed Homes

According to the National Association of Realtors, 43% of potential real estate clients look online for their ideal homes before starting the purchasing process. In other words, before these clients start looking for an agent, they’re scanning the listings for potential homes that catch their eyes.

Therefore, one of the most critical trends real estate agents should pay attention to is posting high-quality images of listed homes on your website. Ensure that your photos are clear, updated, and professionally shot. When potential buyers look for their future home, they don’t want to shift through poor-quality, blurry images. 

You can then tie this in with your print mail campaigns by selecting some of the most appealing properties to feature on your direct mailer, brochure, or postcard. Entice all those interested in buying a home to come and learn more about these properties.

Incorporating Drone Photography and Videos

Drone photography and videos are the hottest new trend in real estate postings as they allow potential clients to have a birds-eye view of the entire neighborhood. A drone video is an excellent way to showcase every inch of their property. According to multiple listing service (MLS) statistics, properties with aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than those without it. 

Not all real estate will require aerial imagery. So, you’d have to consider the type of property, the asking price, the overall marketability, and your potential profits before obtaining drone footage. It’s also important to note that since there are strict privacy laws regarding drone footage, it’s best to work with a licensed and insured third-party company instead of doing it yourself.

Creating Virtual Walkthroughs and 3D Renderings

Potential buyers are looking for easier ways to view their property online, so virtual walkthroughs, tours, and 3D rendering are gaining traction. By adding these special features to your microsites, you’ll be able to appeal to potential buyers and potential sellers. These virtual tours will open doors to possible out-of-state and overseas clients, thus, expanding your client base and network. 

Be sure to include a link or QR codes to these features in your print marketing materials so that potential clients are aware of these services provided for them.

Using AI to help people communicate quickly with you

Customers across industries today have discovered the convenience of contacting brands and businesses instantaneously through chatbots, and that technology has also come to the world of real estate. Offering customers the chance to reach out to you directly with a question, or leave a message if you are not at the computer, can help you get the conversion started with a potential client. You can then lay the foundation for the relationship and demonstrate your expertise.

Setting up these types of chatbots on your microsites can help customers reach out to you when they have questions about the properties and neighborhoods that you are emphasizing on your site.

Communication will also be necessary with your direct mail listings. Although you cannot offer an automated response, you can make it clear to potential customers to get in touch with you through a phone call, email, and your website.

Get Started with Your Marketing with REAL Marketing

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