Our previous blog gave you five crucial tips to help you prepare for your real estate listing appointment. If you haven’t had the chance to read it, click here. Whether this is your first listing appointment or your 50th appointment, here are a few checklists to help you stay organized, focused, and well-prepared for the big day.

Pre-Listing Appointment Checklist

Have you memorized the area of interest?

○ Research the neighborhood thoroughly to find out current events or updates from nearby
school districts, city hall announcements, and recreational activities you can recommend to the potential seller.

Do you know the recent sale prices in the area?

○ Recent home sale prices should be a big part of your data and presentation. However, it’s essential to keep this data top-of-mind so you can answer your client’s questions with confidence.

Do you know the total number of homes sold in the area?

○ A good real estate agent will know this number as they present the presentation, but a successful agent will have it memorized if the client asks for it before or after the presentation.

Do you know the average number of days on the market?

○ Potential clients want to see how many days a property spends on the market to help set 
their expectations for the region. Transform this data into a compelling story that will help promote the neighborhood accordingly.

Do you know the average listing price versus the actual sold price?

○ Comparing listing prices and actual selling prices can make it easier for clients to gauge 
the trends in the market and how that might impact their real estate transactions. You want to show potential clients that you’re an expert in the neighborhood they’re looking to sell.

The Checklist for Your Meeting

Visualize your data

○ Use charts, graphs, and other visualizations to help your client understand the data you’re presenting. Keep in mind that your client will not be familiar with housing market numbers and statistics, so it’s your job to turn them into easy takeaway points.

Familiarize yourself with all the material so you can speak naturally

○ Make sure you have all your pages in order and that you know what you want to say before you walk into the meeting. The goal is to have a natural conversation with your client, not a rehearsed presentation.

Prepare for the Q&A with the client

○ You can prepare a few standard answers by anticipating your client’s frequently asked questions. Brainstorm commonly asked questions and organize fun facts to keep the conversations smoothly. This demonstrates your expertise and experience, inspiring confidence in your potential client.

Have next steps in mind

○ Prepare a few “next steps” topics so that you’re not caught off guard at the end of the presentation. Based on how the client responds to your meeting, you will want to know what you will recommend as the next steps. If they are interested in moving forward with
you, make sure that you have recommendations in mind to help them prepare to buy or sell a home.

Real estate agent on call with client

The Post-Meeting Checklist

Follow-up with the client

○ Once you have finished your real estate listing appointment with the client, make sure you are prepared to follow up. If they did not decide to sell when you spoke, check back in with you after a few days. If they have decided to sell, provide them with guidance as they prepare for the process. Be ready to answer any questions.

Provide the client with a marketing plan and samples to establish credibility.

○ Don’t forget to provide your client with a quality marketing plan and samples at the end of the meeting. Let them know precisely how you will market their home and what they can expect from you and your services. This helps establish your credibility as a trustworthy.

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