Print marketing is the tried-and-true marketing strategy that has proven effective for real estate agents throughout the years. It’s pretty common for potential clients to find your real estate advertisement in a newspaper, billboards, and of course, direct mailers. However, as digital marketing began to gain popularity and a portion of your targeted audience now only utilize digital marketing to get their news, your business would do better with the added support of digital marketing. Examples of digital marketing in real estate include location-specific websites, house market landing pages, social media campaigns, and participating in online communities.

How do you effectively market yourself and your business to reach all types of clients? The key is to find the perfect blend of print and digital marketing. Here are a few key points to consider when evaluating your marketing strategies.

Buying and selling real estate is a highly personalized endeavor, with each person’s property and financial goals unique to them. Potential clients want to feel confident that their real estate agent will put their best interests first. They’re looking for someone who knows their neighborhood and can help them get the best possible price when buying and selling. Therefore, potential clients tend to be skeptical about working with online real estate services because it lacks a personal touch. Statistically speaking, only 5% of people looking for a real estate agent will actually look online. Instead, most people turn to sources from word-of-mouth referrals, which they find more trustworthy. It’s not to say that online real estate services are entirely useless — instead, it’s a great starting point for potential clients who are early into their buying or selling journey. As a successful real estate agent, you should promote your services online to a degree so that these potential clients can quickly find your
information. For real estate, digital marketing works as reinforcement for the reputation you cultivate elsewhere.

Why Does Print Marketing Still Work for
the Real Estate Industry?

Print marketing is a powerful force in real estate marketing because it helps get your business and brand in front of potential clients even when they’re not looking for an agent. You will build your reputation as the neighborhood’s real estate expert by always advertising in their weekly newspaper or sending them direct mailers. This method works because it lays a foundation for trust in your potential clients, so when people decide to buy or sell, the agent they reach out to first will be the one they recognize. Over 68% of real estate clients report finding their agents through a personal or professional referral. Your existing reputation is critical, as it can help you build and brand yourself as an expert amid your potential clients. Let’s find out how adding digital marketing will help increase leads and potential clients.

Why are Real Estate Clients Skeptical About Working with Online Services?

The Importance of Mixing Both Methods

To be a successful real estate agent nowadays will require you to excel in digital and print marketing. You want to build your reputation, attract clients through print marketing, and amp up online listings and social media outreach. It’s essential to remember that digital campaigns should reinforce the ideas and data you promote through print marketing, not overrule them. 

The secret to a perfect blend of the two mediums is to ensure the direct mailers you produce and the website you build reflect your demographic and interests. For example, suppose you’re trying to appeal to snowbirds moving to Florida. In that case, you’d want to direct your print materials to neighborhoods with retirees who have shown interest in relocating to warmer climates during the winter months. Then, add a link to your location-specific website, or QR Code, to your printed mailer that showcases similar themes of warm weather, popular pastimes, and everything the area has to offer those who move.

It’s best to create a new website for each location you serve or plan to serve, since your potential clients won’t spend time digging through irrelevant information that doesn’t pertain to their neighborhood of interest. Be sure to include the ins and outs of the housing market in that specific area on your websites to increase your chances of being hired! Remember that even though digital marketing is a great resource to find potential clients, it should still reinforce the concept of you as the neighborhood expert and the experience that the client should expect to have.

Get Started with REAL Marketing

If you’re looking to create a high-quality real estate brochure or property website, REAL Marketing is your one-stop-shop. Not only do we specialize in producing exceptional brochures, postcards, and other print marketing materials designed to make an excellent impression, we can also create customizable community websites, landing pages, personal and property websites. Contact us today to learn how to
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