As a real estate agent, you might find it tempting to cast a wide net in your search for potential clients, but industry experts will recommend you focus on one housing market at a time. While that might seem counterintuitive, taking a targeted approach is key to getting more qualified leads. How does less equal more for you and your business? Read on to learn why a single housing market approach is more effective than tackling all the local areas at once.

Niche Down to Master
Your Market

If you want to master your real estate market, you need to niche down with a laser focus on one area at a time. Otherwise, you’ll spread yourself too thin, ending up with only a surface-level understanding of each neighborhood. Your marketing materials and client correspondence will likely suffer, and it’ll be challenging to turn qualified leads into loyal clients. Choose one area to start and build out your marketing materials for that specific neighborhood and learn all the ins and outs. Then, create real estate market reports, postcards, and other direct mail marketing materials, and include a link or QR code to a dedicated website for that specific neighborhood. This method works because potential clients will not dig through your website to find information, and you want them to have access to relevant data and prices at their fingertips. It also makes sense to have a designated website for each location because potential clients are not interested in other areas. Once you’ve exhausted your marketing efforts for one place, you can start planning for the following site.

Get a Deeper Look into the Location

When you put your full focus on a single housing market, you’re able to find location-specific info that fellow agents might overlook, such as:
● Current homes for sale

● Monthly home sales

● Median price points

● List to sale price ratios

● Total days on the market

● Home value changes

● Mortgage interest rates

Your in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood will also help you put the spotlight on all the best homes recently listed and sold. Once you’re equipped with the local housing market for that area, you’ll be able to transform raw data into a story for your clients. Thus, you could paint a clearer picture for your prospective clients on why they should enter the market with you as their real estate agent.

Stay Top-of-Mind by Pushing Highly
Targeted Print Marketing

Let’s say you want to build clientele in a specific neighborhood, but the housing market is slow in that area. Most real estate agents will not give this neighborhood a second look because of the lack of leads and potential clients. However, you want to be top-of-mind when potential clients are ready to buy or sell their property. So, it’s best to prepare your direct mail marketing with details on the highest listing prices,
average sales prices, your information, and how much you know about this area. Ensure your real estate market reports go beyond single home sales to show all your prospective clients the big picture. Ultimately, the purpose is to inform your potential clients and show that you understand their neighborhood better than anyone else so that when the time comes, your business and brand will be at the top of their minds.

Become the Go-To Neighborhood Expert

Naturally, once homeowners have seen your direct mailers enough, they will recognize you as the go-to local real estate expert for that particular neighborhood and housing market. For example, if you market yourself as a real estate agent that specializes in beach houses or downtown condos, make sure your marketing material reflects those specific areas. This tactic will not only build up your credibility as a real estate professional but will inspire your clients to refer you to their friends and family. So, even after you succeed in the first housing market and spread your wings, you don’t want your clients to see you working multiple markets. Instead, you’ll want to continue sending out targeted direct mail marketing materials with the dedicated websites to match. You can slowly branch out with that move without losing your status as a trusted neighborhood expert.

Reach Your Target Housing Market with
Direct Mail Marketing

If you’d like help reaching your target housing market, look no further than the design pros at REAL Marketing. Our high-quality direct mail marketing materials can help you gain a foothold in your selected neighborhood and position yourself as a local real estate expert. We’ll handle the design process from beginning to end while you focus on nurturing the leads that come your way. Ready to get started? Simply give us a call at 858.879.0819 to receive the guidance and support you need to elevate the success of your real estate career.


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