Successfully navigating each real estate listing appointment lets you show potential sellers why you’re the perfect agent to sell their homes. To get started, you just need to use the time to build rapport, highlight the value of your services, and position yourself as a local expert. By doing that, you’ll make a great
impression and easily convert qualified leads into loyal clients. Ready to make that happen? Here are five steps to help you prepare for a successful real estate listing appointment.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Neighborhood

Upon getting a call from a prospective client, you should first familiarize yourself with their neighborhood. Even If you’ve already niched down in the area, it’s important to conduct further research to get the most recent data on the following:

● Neighborhood history
● Architectural styles
● Monthly homes sold
● Average sales price
● Number of days on the market
● Listing prices vs. actual sold prices

Once you’ve collected all the data about the neighborhood, spend some time on social media or local news outlets to see what current events may be impacting the housing market. The more thorough your research is, the more you’ll be able to transform these data into a compelling story to secure your potential clients. Ultimately,

2. Get All Your Marketing Materials Together

Once you have a good understanding of the neighborhood in question, it’s time to prepare your marketing materials. You’ll need a professionally designed listing presentation, personal brochure, and comparative market analysis, all printed on high-quality paper. The listing presentation helps guide the appointment, serving as a no-obligation sales pitch on why they should hire you. Ensure your listing presentations are tailored to each specific client, as it’s also a preview of the selling process. To make a great first impression, prepare to speak on property improvement tips, in-depth and personalized marketing strategies, and any local market information to keep in mind.
The personal brochure will take the place of a standard business card, as it’ll deliver a more prominent impression of your business and brand. You should highlight your professionalism, experience, and overall expertise as a real estate agent in the brochure. Lastly, prepare a comparative market analysis that will complete the package by showing the client just how you’ll sell their home at top dollar. To do that, you’ll need to compare their property to similar ones that have recently sold nearby and create a winning pricing strategy.

3. Send Your Client a Copy of the Presentation

The key to every successful listing appointment is preparation for yourself AND your client. Provide the client with a copy of your listing presentation a few days before the meeting, so they can read it over at their leisure. A classic, in-person delivery of the printed presentation will leave a lasting impression on your potential client. Be sure to call ahead to set up a good time to drop the materials or speak to them about virtual delivery options if needed. Kindly ask them to look through the materials from beginning to end and jot down any questions or comments they may have. Then, at the meeting, you’ll be able to skip straight to handling the customer’s questions and concerns before going over your marketing strategies.

4. Prepare Answers to All Anticipated Questions

After you’ve sent the listing presentation to your client, take some time to brainstorm general questions
and answers. Your potential clients may ask questions such as:

● How many homes have you sold in this neighborhood?
● What expenses can I expect while selling my home?
● How long will the selling process take from start to finish?
● Will buyers instantly want to see the house once it hits the market?
● Why should I hire you instead of other local real estate agents?

You’ll want to rehearse the responses a bit, too, while keeping it natural, of course. That way, you can
quickly alleviate the client’s concerns and keep the conversation flowing.

5. Establish Yourself as the Leading Local Expert

On the day of the listing appointment, be sure to show up early with multiple printed copies of your
presentation and materials. Always expect the potential client to not bring anything with them, so you
have to be extra prepared. Be sure to address any questions they have about the presentation before
starting, as this tactic will help them stay engaged and feel heard immediately.
Throughout that process, be sure to establish yourself as a local expert by highlighting your knowledge of
the neighborhood. Potential sellers want to hire real estate agents with the ability not only to sell their
home but the community, too.

Need Help Getting Ready for Your Real Estate Listing Appointment?

If you need help getting ready for your upcoming real estate listing appointment, let REAL Marketing help create all your real estate marketing materials, including listing presentations, market reports, and property brochures. Plus, we’re here to provide the guidance and support you need to build a loyal client base. So, please give us a call at 858.879.0819 to learn more about our services.


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