Real estate marketing represents a variety of initiatives solely focused on promoting and growing your business by attracting and educating your target audience on the value and services you provide.

Much of marketing has to do with lead generation and customer acquisition. The goals are simple — to garner interest in your services from qualified leads, and to convert those leads into customers. For instance, a homebuyer might join your email mailing list to stay up to date on listings in their desired markets, and in exchange, provide you with their contact information. Once you have their contact information, you can leverage many of the marketing strategies below to convince them to come to you when they’re ready to buy or sell their property.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only 5% of people find their real estate agent online. For the other 95% of people, direct mail marketing campaigns are a great way to potentially expand your network and create future opportunities for working with new clients in the specific markets you’re most interested in targeting. A partnership with a real estate marketing company like REAL Marketing provides you with the tools you need to establish yourself as “the neighborhood expert,” all via the vast benefits of a well orchestrated direct mail marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at the most common questions real estate agents have about direct mail marketing:

The postcards, brochures, and market reports you send all serve as physical touchpoints, encouraging your potential clients to slow down a bit and take a look. Their brand recall improves as a result, helping instantly position you as a local real estate expert in their minds.

Unlike digital messaging, your customers cannot simply click the ‘X’ and close the window on your correspondence. Instead, they must physically handle the marketing materials, potentially resulting in several more reviews before discarding the item.

Better yet, if they enjoy your mailings, they’ll keep them on hand for future reference and to possibly show other people they know. Then, when they’re ready to move forward, you’ll potentially end up as their first point of contact in all their real estate dealings.


Direct mail marketing is the method of sending out professionally-designed brochures or mailers directly to your target audience’s homes. By sending targeted direct mail marketing materials to select individuals and leveraging direct mail as a marketing channel, you give yourself the opportunity to generate and nurture leads in the specific markets where you’re most interested in securing new business.

Reaching out to your leads in your customer database with targeted direct mail provides you with a physical touchpoint that can help you foster stronger relationships, and provide you with a solid direct mail marketing strategy that can facilitate and strengthen future advertising efforts.

Although some real estate agents believe email and digital marketing campaigns have pushed direct mail marketing out of the picture, the truth is it’s still the most effective way to get in front of your target audience and the perfect way to frequently stay top of mind with said audience.

In fact, a recent study by USPS found that 81% of people still scan and read their mail daily, while an older study from 2015 by the Canada Post found direct mail took 21% less cognitive effort to process, and led to a higher brand recall than digital marketing or media. And with so many brands jockeying for position on the digital front, direct mail marketing has never been a more critical, primary component of a healthy real estate advertising campaign.


A direct mail marketing campaign is a powerful way to reach people with personalized content that they can potentially benefit from. It allows you to target locally, and presents you with the opportunity to provide a unique experience to each individual targeted within your greater marketing strategy.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have an extensive database filled with viable leads, a strong direct mail marketing campaign will help demonstrate your expertise and showcase your commitment to everyone on your mailing list.

In order to stay more top of mind, many real estate agents even take the time to send out a monthly real estate market report that offers relevant market data and insights directly to their target market. This regular mailing becomes something that recipients anticipate, potentially even look forward to, and creates a consistency in messaging that not only helps those agents stay top of mind with those in the targeted market, but also helps lay the groundwork for establishing the agent as the local neighborhood expert.


If you’re wondering how effective direct mail marketing is, you’ll find it’s most effective when you have a consistent plan mapped out within your overall marketing strategy. In other words, no direct mail marketing campaign is complete without an effective follow-up plan to help nurture potential leads and eventually convert some of your recipients into customers. Direct mail marketing is a great way to generate potential leads, but it takes a well developed strategy to ensure that your efforts are paying off in the long run.


On average, it takes anywhere from seven to thirteen “touches” to qualify a lead as an opportunity. Hitting your target market with direct mail marketing pieces is a highly effective means of qualifying potential leads through your conversion funnel. Additionally, traditional mail is estimated to have a 13 to 1 return on investment, which is a cost-effective method of growing your real estate business without having to worry about overspending and lack of ROI. With a well-planned strategy, direct mail marketing costs and postage rates should be considered a marketing investment that will potentially pay for itself many times over.


Some of the major benefits of direct mail marketing include:

Audience Segmentation

Your ability to segment your audience into groups within your overall mailing list allows you to precisely target people based on their location, and whether they’re looking to buy a home or attempting to sell their property.

Depth of Detail

This is a great way to really unpack the value of your real estate services for your audience. Whether you’re detailing the benefits of partnering with you, or highlighting local stories and history, you’ll enjoy numerous ways to potentially make a lasting impression on your recipients.

Competitive Edge

The average person receives fewer pieces of physical mail than do emails and other digital advertisements. Sending physical mail to current or prospective clients is a great way to not only remind them of the services you provide, but to stand out from the competition on route to becoming the local neighborhood expert.

Builds Trust

There’s just something about a tangible piece of mail that resonates with a recipient differently than an email does. A direct mail piece sent to someone’s home is a great way to help establish yourself as part of the neighborhood, establishing the foundations of trust necessary for someone to confidently partnering with you in the future.

Memorable and Emotional

With direct mail marketing, your content now has a physical presence in the houses of your recipients. Physical touch goes a long way in establishing an emotional response to your content, and high-quality direct mail pieces are an effective way of triggering the exact type of emotional response you’re looking for to help nurture leads into active clients.

A refined direct mail marketing campaign will produce a steady stream of new leads, and will improve the likelihood of converting those leads into active clients. Word of mouth is a great way to build your reputation, and a focused, professional marketing campaign is a great way to provide the talking points needed to establish yourself as the neighborhood expert.


Are you ready to scale your real estate practice to entirely new heights? REAL Marketing can help get you there. We are a full-service design firm, and we handle ALL aspects of the design process on your behalf, even the research and inclusion of up-to-date, relevant market stats. Partner with us today and we’ll help you build a robust marketing and lead generation campaign designed to attract the qualified buyer and seller leads you’re looking for.

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