In the simplest of terms, real estate agents serve their community members by helping them buy and sell properties. A listing presentation is a great way to showcase your top-notch real estate service and set yourself apart from the competition en route to becoming the go-to source for all things real estate related in your given market. Think of listing presentations as the roadmaps you’re going to use to convince potential clients you not only know the ins and outs of their market, but you know exactly how you’re going to market their property for the highest possible return on investment given existing market conditions.


A listing presentation is a no-obligation pitch detailing how you’ll prepare, list, and eventually sell your prospective client’s home. You’re essentially selling yourself, justifying why you are the perfect real estate professional for the job. There are plenty of options and professionals at their disposal, and this is your opportunity to cut through the clutter and help yourself stand out.


Afterall, isn’t “standing out” exactly what you plan to do for them in selling their house? Remember, the story you craft about their property is all about helping it stand out from every other property on the market. A listing presentation gives the home seller a preview of what it will be like to work with you, the quality of service you’re likely going to deliver, and how to properly maximize marketing efforts when listing their property.


For an effective listing presentation, real estate professionals should consider including the following details:

  • Suggest upgrades and repairs for the interior and exterior of the home — including landscaping and staging — especially if any remodeling is needed


  • Highlight actionable items: a property webpage mockup, marketing materials and strategy that you think will help sell their home, and even potential pricing strategy you feel will secure top dollar for the listing


  • High-quality materials that align with the first-class service you intend to provide them with throughout the entirety of the sale process


Additionally, the team at REAL Marketing has one more recommendation that will help set you up for success. Before the listing presentation meeting with the client, be sure to provide them with a printed version of the listing presentation prior to the meeting. Hand deliver the presentation, and ask the homeowner to review the materials ahead of the meeting, and come prepared with any questions they would like you to answer as their real estate agent. This way, the listing appointment will be less focused on you pitching your services, and more focused on answering any questions the homeowner may have. This will allow you to focus your time and efforts on highlighting your approach and how you’re going to work with the homeowner to sell their property for top dollar.


Here are some of the many tried-and-true items to bring to your listing presentation to give yourself the highest chance of success:

1. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Show your prospective client how you’ll sell their home for maximum value. Compare their home to others in the market that have recently sold, detailing how their home is similar or different using metrics such as lot size, square footage, and community desirability.

2. Show Your Value

Provide your credentials and history of sales as a real estate professional in the area. Let your past success speak for you, and don’t be afraid to step into your role as their local neighborhood expert.

3. Client Success Stories

It can be frightening to move into a new home and community. Share how past clients have been pleased with their decisions to move into the community, and highlight any features past clients cite as reasons why they made the right decision.

4. Unique Selling Point

Whatever it is that differentiates you from the other local real estate agents in the area, highlight this unique selling point to help establish yourself as the best choice for all of their real estate needs. 

Their time with you should be different from any other listing presentation they’d get from any other agent. There’s only one of you, so don’t be afraid to highlight why you stand out from everyone else in the market.

5. Visually Appealing Presentation Materials

Make sure to provide the homeowner with a physical copy of your listing presentation, and make sure that it’s been expertly designed and printed on high-quality materials. Remember, the more visually appealing you can make your presentation, the more likely they’ll remember your presentation amongst any others that get pitched to them.

6. Confidence

Without confidence in your presentation, how will you prove to a prospective client that you’re ready to secure top dollar for them in a competitive market? Whatever it takes, down to the way you dress and the way you carry yourself, be  sure to enter your listing presentation on stable and confident footing.

7. A Personal Brochure (Instead of a Business Card)

Stay top-of-mind with your prospects — it may take time for their buy-in. Give them something that not only has your contact information on it, but is completely different from anything else your competitors will provide. Rather than provide them with a standard business card, we suggest providing them with a personal brochure that goes beyond just providing your cell phone number and email address. A brochure will definitely be more impactful, and will help show out of the box thinking that will potentially translate to a more creative approach in selling their home.

8. Note Taking

Show your prospect you’re attentively listening by taking notes on key information, whether about themselves, their home, or what they’re looking to purchase for their next home. Keeping detailed notes can help set you up for a greater client relationship by showing them that you were listening and that you understand what’s important to them. The more you can find out from the homeowner, the more likely you’ll be able to effectively meet their needs and provide them with the exact type of service they’re looking for.

9. Appointment Schedule

Something as simple as having a prepared agenda for your listing appointment can help make a great, professional first impression — it shows you plan ahead and go into situations with intent, and helps display  that you’re organized and can manage the complex situation of selling their home.

10. Be Attentive

As mentioned with note taking, pay attention to what they are saying and just try to have a real conversation with them. Focus on being helpful and on forming a relationship with the person, and be empathetic to the fact the process they’re going through can be difficult, emotional, and even frustrating at times. Don’t be transactional.

This might mean you should talk less than you normally do, and listen more to fully understand the approach the homeowner is most interested in taking.

11. Printed Material

Have printed brochures, one-sheets, infographics, and additional marketing collateral that includes key information discussed during your presentation.

This will not only provide the homeowner with additional materials to review, but will further help display that you’re going to put just as much effort into marketing their home as you have preparing materials for your meeting with them.

12. Video of the Properties Exterior

Being prepared with video content showcasing the property can be immensely powerful, and can be a great depiction of your ability to stay ahead of the game. It also shows that you’re ready to contact brokers in the area for listing. This preparation will likely impress the homeowner and instill confidence that you’re the right real estate agent to sell their home.

13. Compliments

Don’t forget to point out the key selling points and features of the property and neighborhood. This will help show that you truly understand the key factors contributing to the property’s value, and will be able to get top dollar for their sale.

14. A Ready Contract

Finally, make sure you have a contract ready for any prospects to sign if they decide by the end of your listing presentation that they’re ready to partner with you.

So long as you implement these tips for a perfect listing presentation, you’ll greatly increase the probability that homeowners will not only be impressed with your presentation, but will want to partner with you in order to sell their property.


REAL Marketing is here to assist you with all your listing presentation needs. As your partner, we’ll help you design and fine tune your listing presentations with our professional guidance, design expertise, and high-quality materials and resources.

Let us help you tackle the ever-changing real estate market and leverage the right information to successfully become the neighborhood expert everyone in your market wants to work with.


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