It’s important to learn how to accurately research real estate markets on a large and small scale. The macro and micro views are both necessary for a comprehensive picture of the current market. The research you conduct upfront and iteratively is an investment that will help build a solid foundation for your real estate practice. Research and planning are crucial to making your strategy the best it can be to fill your sales funnel. One great tool to communicate your research to potential buyers and sellers is a real estate market report.


A real estate market report is a piece of marketing mail that potential clients are typically interested in taking a look at. Although marketing content has changed over time, market reports have remained a staple in the real estate industry. They provide information relative to homeowners and are often a part of a more robust direct mail marketing strategy.

A real estate market report is a monthly collection of data regarding housing market trends and changes in housing prices, median home prices, percentage of increase in home values, and other relevant information for a particular market that not only helps keep homeowners informed, but also builds your credibility in the process.

how do i research the
real estate market?

When researching the real estate market, you’ll want to look into the trends of the areas that you are focusing on. This should include neighborhoods that you’re already active in, live in, or simply interested in doing business in on a more long-term basis. Remember, always do your research before trying to break into a new geographic market. You can find a lot of variance between neighborhoods in one general area, so it’s important to understand as many details as possible about the specific neighborhoods that you’re looking to target.

For example, reviewing a San Francisco Real Estate market report and dialing down to specific neighborhoods in that region is an excellent place to start if you plan to sell throughout the San Francisco area. First, you’ll want to discover whether the area can currently be classified as either a buyer’s or seller’s market. Next, you’ll want to look into other important factors such as demographics, the nearby job market, and the local economy. It’s always a good idea to also look at other factors that might impact housing desirability, such as proximity to business centers or rates for crime or homelessness in a given area.

Crunch the numbers on median listing price, rental income, return on investment (ROI), and occupancy rate. There are commercial real estate market research reports that companies put out, but they may have their own goals and bias. It’s essential to do your research, knowing that your objective information is worth a premium. You’ll need your own branded real estate market report if you wish to leverage this information in your mail campaign.

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how to create a real estate market report

REAL Marketing makes it easy for you to create your own report with our real estate market report templates. We can help you identify the right features to highlight for potential buyers and sellers in your direct mail campaigns.

Our reports have been developed and fine-tuned to help you lead and succeed in any location you’re hoping to become the neighborhood expert in. We develop both custom reports and automatic monthly reports depending on your specific needs and marketing strategy.

A real estate market report is an important tool in being able to predict future pricing trends in a particular market. Our market reports provide specific details for neighborhoods, subdivisions, and other areas where you might be interested in farming new leads. Our reports will help you prove to potential buyers and sellers that you know their market inside and out. The better you’re able to prove to would-be partners that you’re the neighborhood authority on all matters pertaining to the housing market, the more likely you’re going to be remembered as the neighborhood expert in these areas.

Fortunately, the full-service design team at REAL Marketing is able to help construct your real estate market report from cover to cover. We’ll handle the layout, design elements, and information provided — all you have to do is implement a consistent direct mail marketing strategy that will help get the word out in the specific markets you’re most interested in dominating.

five housing predictions
for sellers in 2022(2023)

We’re still seeing favorable conditions for sellers in 2022 and beyond. While the market could retreat a bit, a full-on crash doesn’t seem as likely as it did back in 2008, particularly since lenders are generally more cautious these days than they were back then. Here are five housing predictions that will potentially drive market trends and impact the approach we take with upcoming real estate market reports we create on behalf of our clients:

  • Housing Prediction #1: Inflation will continue at historical rates, with homes appreciating right along with it. Goldman Sachs predicts a 16% increase in home prices in 2022.


  • Housing Prediction #2: We’re not headed for a housing crash or “correction” any time soon. Our financial systems have been updated since the last time things became unbalanced to protect against those same things from happening again. Lenders have become much more cautious. Sources point to a strong housing market demand for 2022–2023. Strong demand will help maintain the seller’s market.


  • Housing Prediction #3: With the National Association of REALTORS® expecting home sales to exceed the highest year on record (2006), some buyers will be priced out. Consequently, these buyers might not be able to purchase property in the near future. Instead, they’ll find themselves building up their savings in the interim. On average, it takes buyers up to five years to save enough money for a 20% downpayment in their desired real estate market.


  • Housing Prediction #4: The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) forecasts that single-family housing starts (i.e. new residential construction projects) will grow from about 1.165 million in 2022 to 1.210 million in 2023. Though multifamily starts will likely continue their downward trend, supply will inevitably keep pace to help meet the ever-growing demand for housing.


  • Housing Prediction #5: Mortgage rates are going to rise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that demand is going to drop off anytime soon. Lawrence Yun, the chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS®, recently told MarketWatch, “Real estate has turned out to be a great investment with good financial returns. The gains will continue, but they will be more moderate in the upcoming months and years.”

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Whatever the future brings in 2022, REAL Marketing will help you navigate the ins and outs of the housing market and help you execute the most effective direct mail marketing approach to establish yourself as the local expert in the neighborhoods you’re most interested in targeting.

If inflation continues to rise, single-family homes will become an even more critical investment purchase for buyers across the board. As a real estate agent, it will be imperative that you continue to consistently advertise to your specific markets en route to building a robust, ever-growing leads database.

In the U.S., it’s still very much a seller’s market, and we have a lot of work to do! REAL Marketing is here to lend our expertise and guidance for the year ahead. As your partner, we’ll help you tackle the ever-changing market and leverage information for your success.


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