Every real estate professional dreams of tapping into the luxury market. Whether you are new or experienced, there are three essential pillars of success when working with the affluent:

Consistency    |    Authenticity    |    Education


“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

It is essential to be consistent if you wish to be successful in the luxury market – it is key to establishing your reputation, experience, and expertise - your marketing needs to be consistent in it's positioning, branding, quality, and messaging but most importantly, in its distribution and communication. Take the time to build a simple process that is easy to implement consistently, so that you can ensure you follow through.

At REAL Marketing, our luxury products and strategies have been carefully designed to provide you with a simple process that remains consistent in design and professionalism, and our lead generation systems are all about consistency.

Before you even think of moving forward, ask yourself, "Do I know what I’m doing?" Being authentic is one of the most critical components in building a relationship with an affluent prospect - they know if you are genuinely invested because they expect to be the most important person in your life at that particular moment.

Our marketing products and tools not only provide the WOW factor, they are designed to truly establish both your professionalism and your reputation, and our strategies ensure you use them effectively to increase your client’s ROI.

“When you’re authentic, you don’t have to remember a script.”

“Selling luxury homes is a skill most real estate agents can learn.”

While you are encouraged to be authentic, in the world of the affluent, you need to ensure that your marketing and your style represents the luxury industry. Luxury real estate is a visual niche, and everything you do, say, and present is representative of your professionalism.
In the world of luxury, your traditional methods must be a thing of the past – you must build a strategy based on:

  • Knowledge – education and experience are critical
  • Presentation – personally and in all your marketing
  • Technology – utilize the latest techniques and technology
  • Financial – committed both financially and for the long term

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Become a member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing ― achieve the industry’s leading luxury designation, win clients, grow your skills, market your properties, and connect with peers.
To become a Member of The Institute, you must be a licensed real estate agent or a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, The Canadian Real Estate Association, or other International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) affiliated national organization.


REAL Marketing proudly endorses The Institute, as it is the premier independent authority in training and designation for real state agents working in the luxury residential market.

REAL Marketing’s Luxury Consultants

REAL Marketing offers private and dedicated strategic and business consultation to Real Estate professionals, in both the U.S. and Canada, that is fully dedicated to the luxury real estate industry. Ask us how our consultants can best provide you with strategy, brand, marketing and sales, creativity and innovation, products and services, and communication for both long and short term strategies.
David Collins is hailed as one of the top experts in marketing and business  development in the world of real estate and is renowned for his proven solutions with outstanding results.
David will provide you with an education on how to target your marketing effectively, as well as show you how his company’s strategic marketing cannot only increase your market share, but prevent you from falling into the most common pitfalls of running a personal business.
David Collins - 858.847.0335
Deborah Worth offers over 28 years of global marketing expertise in creating strategic marketing campaigns for high-powered corporations, which includes 12 years specializing in Real Estate. Deborah focuses on understanding your business requirements, researching both your community and your competition, providing you with the right tools and strategies, building lead generation systems, and leveraging your current business to ensure that you have a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.
Deborah Worth -604.938.4434 - Canadian Specialist
Contact REAL Marketing on 858.226.9513 to discuss a tailor-made program and the associated costs.