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Pre-listing Marketing Books
11×10 Soft Cover


Pre-listing Marketing Books
13×11 Hard Cover
$149.00 - $199.00 each

CMA book_combined_533x456

CMA Listing Books
11×10 Soft Cover
Design $79.00 per hour
$49.95 each


"Wow! Stunning!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile and making this presentation so amazing. I'll definitely recommend you to my fellow agents."

Carmen Shiau, Corona, CA

Digital pre-listing marketing book_533x456_NEW

Digital Online
Marketing Books

Digital Slide Presentation_900x756

Slide Presentations

Digital CMA book_900x756

Digital CMA Presentation
$95 each listing
Design: $79 per hour


"A perfect way to showcase my marketing professionalism online and then to be able have you customize it further to include the property's information for my presentation - fabulous, you are so innovative, always taking my marketing to the next level, thank you!"

Susan Stiles, Austin, TX


Sample Marketing Pack 1


Sample Marketing Pack 2


Sample Marketing Pack 3


"The impact was immediate when I produced my sample marketing pack - the seller said it set me apart, showing them instantly the level of my professionalism and how I would clearly market their home effectively."

Kofi Nartey, Los Angeles, CA

Referral_11x21 trifold_exterior_900x756

11×21 Personal Brochure
(Trifold) $2.09 - $2.49

"Amazing, over the last 6 months several of my new clients have told me how my personal brochure ensured they kept my contact details, whereas they had all lost my business card within days of meeting me!"

Lisa Groth, Phoenix, AZ

Buyers Guide_combined_NEW_900x756

11×10 Buyer’s Guide
Soft Cover
$19.95 - $49.95 each

Buyer's guide_Hardbound combined_NEW_900x756

13×11 Buyer’s Guide
Hard Cover
$149.00 - $199.00 each

Digital buyers guide_NEW_900x756

Buyer's Guide

Sellers Guide_combined_NEW_900x756

11×10 Seller’s Guide
Soft Cover
$19.95 - $49.95 each

Seller's guide_Hardbound_combined_NEW_900x756

13×11 Seller’s Guide
Hard Cover
$149.00 - $199.00 each

Digital sellers guide_NEW_900x756

Seller's Guide