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11×14 Property
Brochure (Portrait)
$1.69 - $1.99

11×17 Property
Brochure (Portrait)

11×17 Property
Brochure (Landscape)

8.5×22 Property

11×21 Trifold
Property Brochure

9×21 Trifold
Property Brochure

5.5×22 Property

11×17 Property
Brochure (Gatefold)
$1.79 - $2.19


Special Order
2 - 40 pages

Digital Property Brochures
$95.00 each

"My clients were very impressed with the stunning property brochure, but were blown away with the e-version which can be embedded into any digital media including email, websites, social media…love your innovation; it helps to set me apart."

Chad Gilbert, Chicago, IL

property website

Professional Property Website
$95.00 each

"We looked very hard for company that could offer a Property Website that was visually superior, offered flexibility, customisation and access to allow us to make simple changes - all at an affordable rate! REAL Marketing's has it all, and a fast turnaround. "

Jay Richardson, Muskoka, ON

5.5×15 Folded Postcards
$1.49 each

5.5×11 Postcards
$0.89 each

5.5×8.5 Postcards
$0.79 each


"I used to send out postcards aggressively - and the response was limited - but REAL Marketing added 'Calls to Action' and 'Strategic Marketing Messages' and the response has been incredible."

Denise Brown, Whistler, BC

18x24 Poster (Two-sided)
$1.99 - $2.99

"We sent this out to our neighborhood, with relevant information about the community, and the response was immense."

Tripta Chawla, Boca Raton, FL

11x21 Personal Brochure
(Trifold) $2.09-$2.49

"I love giving them out to my fellow Realtors - at networking events they are showstoppers!"

Don Graham, Scottsdale, AZ