If hours spent cold-calling has you feeling burned out, you’re not alone. Searching for and landing new listings is one of the most time consuming and exhausting parts of being a real estate agent. The good news is that, as technology advances, you can generate leads without ever making a cold call again.

There are plenty of proven marketing strategies that agents can use to get more listings while making better use of their time. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with some simple yet effective strategies for success.

Reach Out to Expired Leads and Convert Them

You’ve probably already heard of reaching out to expired listings to convert them, but this isn’t the “traditional” strategy that many other agents are already using. Rather than reaching out to leads who have just taken their listings off the market (often after a failed sale), the true potential lies in “old expired” leads. “Old expired” is a term coined in the real estate industry for failed listings older than six months to a year. Homeowners of these expired listings are not being bombarded by other agents asking them to relist. Instead, they’re likely “waiting” for the market to change so that they can relist and have better luck the next time around. Meanwhile, they may also be making some improvements to their homes. Real estate agents who capitalize on these types of leads often go on to make profitable sales simply because there is little to no competition from other agents, and the homeowners are ready to sell. To gather a list of potential contacts, use your MLS to filter leads based on their expiration date and how long they’ve been inactive. When you reach out to these home sellers, discuss with them what the market currently looks like versus what it looked like when they previously tried to list — and be sure to inspire confidence in the homeseller that you’re the right agent who can make the sale.

Change the Tone of "Sold" Postcards and Direct Mailers

Sending out “Just Sold” postcards is a standard print marketing tactic for real estate agents to demonstrate their ability to make sales in a local market and gain more leads. These postcards often include addresses of local listings that the agent just sold and sometimes even the prices for which they sold (depending on the state in which the sale took place). The idea here is that when prospective leads see that their neighbors are listing their homes for a certain price point, they may feel more motivated to list their own homes with that same capable agent.

However, the magic is the story you paint to market those sold homes. Rather than just listing many local addresses with their sale prices on a postcard, agents should instead consider telling a story. You could, for example, explain how neighbors John and Jane sold their home, why they sold it, and how much you ended up selling the home for (especially if it was above initial list price). You can also feature testimonials from the homeowners themselves, a great thing to include if you went above and beyond throughout the course of the transaction.

Likewise, adding a unique QR code to your postcards can make it easier for your prospective leads to reach out and get in touch with you. Tell a compelling story that helps potential clients envision themselves listing with you. Meanwhile, you’ll get the most out of your “sold” postcards if you’re using them in conjunction with other marketing strategies and a quality direct mail marketing company to help you create them.

The Bottom Line on Getting More
Real Estate Listings

From reaching out to “old expired” leads to rethinking the language on your real estate postcards, there are a lot of different strategies you can implement to get more listings as a real estate agent. Remember, the key is to always work smarter, not harder.

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