If you want to drive more business your way, you need to start by generating qualified leads. From there, it’s just a matter of nurturing your leads to help them see why partnering with you is a great idea. But how are you supposed to get more leads in the first place? To get started, check out this helpful guide that highlights some of our favorite marketing techniques for real estate agents when seeking out new leads.

Create Your Direct Mail Marketing Materials

You need high-quality, professional direct mail marketing materials if you want to make a great first impression. Mailers have the power to instantly grab the attention of your target audience and help them build trust in your brand.

 The most effective types of direct mail marketing materials for real estate professionals include:


Postcards offer a fun sneak peek into your available properties, enticing homebuyers to come take a look. Beyond that, they show sellers that you are serious about finding the perfect buyers for their properties. Remember though, in order for your postcards to stand out, they need to be professionally designed and can’t simply replicate what every other real estate professional is already doing.

Property brochures go into more detail about each location to encourage your clients to envision themselves in that space. Each handcrafted brochure beautifully reflects the property’s key characteristics, making sellers feel glad they chose you to represent their interests. Remember, a well-designed property brochure with professionally shot photographs can go a long way in terms of establishing yourself as the trusted, local neighborhood expert when it comes to anything real estate related.

Full-color market reports help you get recognized as a true local real estate expert. The reports inform homeowners about the market conditions in their exact neighborhood, so they can best time their property sale journey. Remember, the more value you can provide homeowners in terms of the data you provide them, the more favorable they’ll begin to view every other mail piece you send them.

Although postcards, brochures, and market reports are a must, they are not the only direct mail marketing materials you can get. By working with a professional direct mail marketing agency, you can find the materials that will serve you and your clients best.

Link Direct Mail to Digital Marketing Assets

Once you pick out your direct mail marketing materials, ensure you can nurture all your leads by linking them with digital assets that reinforce your position as the local neighborhood expert. Your web presence reinforces this idea, and helps create a more well-rounded user experience that will encourage potential clients to partner with you on their next real estate deal.

You can start by creating an interactive website where visitors can search listings, receive timely info, and otherwise engage with your brand. Remember, this website should be neighborhood specific to help reinforce the idea that you’re the sought-after neighborhood expert everyone wants to work with.

Time Your Correspondence Just Right

Real estate clients know that time is always of the essence while trying to buy and sell properties. So, you must time your correspondence just right to make them feel like they’re always one step ahead of the game. To do that, consider:

+ Sending out your postcards as soon as you have that open house date pinned down, and then at regular intervals afterward

+ Following up soon after with brochures that answer all the questions that popped up during their first encounter with the property

+ Keeping your market reports rolling out on a monthly basis to ensure all homeowners in your target neighborhoods keep your name top of mind.

And remember, don’t forget to update your web assets regularly to create a cohesive presence both on and off line. By keeping the correspondence coming, you’re always ready to swoop in and help out once your clients find themselves ready to start their home buying or selling journeys.

Ready to Get Started on All the Top Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Agents?

Are you ready to get started in using all the top marketing techniques for real estate agents to promote your business? If so, our team at REAL Marketing would love to help. Just give us a call at 858.879.0819 to start discussing your ideal approach and get all the marketing materials your business needs to grow and thrive. We look forward to helping you achieve all your qualified lead generation goals, so don’t hesitate in contacting us today.



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