A well-crafted, professional real estate brochure can make all the difference in your pitch to gain new clients or even retain existing ones. Your real estate brochures must speak to your expertise while highlighting the value of your services, starting from the layout to the font you use. Otherwise, your marketing efforts could fail to hit the mark, leaving you without a solid client base. What are some best practices when it comes to designing your brochure? Here are some top do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when designing your perfect real estate brochure.

DO choose high-quality photos personalized to your brand

The first impression of your real estate brochure and whether or not the client will read it depends on your
cover photo. Therefore, you should skip the low-quality stock photos and find high-resolution images
personalized to your brand and business. If possible, look into shooting custom photographs or high-
quality stock photos that speak to your professionalism and service quality, helping build instant trust in

DON’T overcrowd
white spaces

Less is more when it comes to content management. Your brochure’s layout, graphics, and content should guide your readers’ gaze from start to finish without overwhelming them. Too many colors can instantly overwhelm readers, inspiring them to put the brochure down and walk away. For the most
significant impact, use your brand colors in your brochure sparingly, just enough to let your business and personality shine through — and not a bit more. Refine your content to a few key facts, and then let the white space give emphasis.

DO use bullets to highlight key points and check your sources

Your brochures need to convey critical points fast and memorable, no matter how compelling your design assets are. Start with a clear image and hook, and then use graphic elements and punchy headlines to lead them through every section. Also, ensure your content comes from a reputable source and is presented in a way that flows well, is easy to read, and has a clear message.


DON’T skip out on final proofreading

It might be easy to overlook the final proofreading process, but it could be a costly mistake! Along with ensuring accurate data and information, double-check your spelling and grammar before sending your real estate brochure to print. We recommend having another set of eyes through the proofreading process, as you might miss the details since you’ve seen it so many times.

DO add a strong call-to-action and use tracking elements

Your readers have made it to the end of your brochure. Now it’s time to wrap things up with an impactful call-to-action and a QR code that’s linked to a dedicated landing page or micro website of your targeted location. The QR code will help measure the client’s engagement and help determine whether or not the brochure is effective. Last but not least, resist the urge to send out real estate flyers instead of brochures. Although they might cost a little less in postage, flyers simply do not have enough of a “wow” factor to drive clients your way.

Ready to Create High-Quality Real Estate Brochures?

If you’re looking to create a high-quality real estate brochure, a professional design is the way to go. At REAL Marketing, we specialize in producing exceptional brochures, postcards, and other print marketing materials designed to make an excellent impression. To learn how to help your brand stand out against the competition, contact us today. We look forward to helping you build a solid client base.


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This will be completely turnkey for you. This means you’ll only need to approve the initial design and first mailing! Each month after that these will be prepared with new data and sent for you at the same time every month.

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