How to Get More Real Estate Listings: Strategies for Success

HOW TO GET MORE REAL ESTATE LISTINGS: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS If hours spent cold-calling has you feeling burned out, you’re not alone. Searching for and landing new listings is one of the most time consuming and exhausting parts of being a real estate agent. The good news is that, as technology advances, you […]

What is The Perfect Blend of Print and Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

WHAT IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF PRINT AND DIGITAL MARKETING FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS REAL ESTATE AGENTS REAL ESTATE AGENTS Print marketing is the tried-and-true marketing strategy that has proven effective for real estate agents throughout the years. It’s pretty common for potential clients to find your real estate advertisement in a newspaper, billboards, and of course, direct mailers. However, as […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Designing Your Real Estate Brochure

DO’S AND DONT’S FOR DESIGNING YOUR REAL ESTATE BROCHURE REAL ESTATE BROCHURE REAL ESTATE BROCHURE A well-crafted, professional real estate brochure can make all the difference in your pitch to gain new clients or even retain existing ones. Your real estate brochures must speak to your expertise while highlighting the value of your services, starting from the layout to the font […]

The Value of Real Estate Market Research for Your Marketing Campaign

THE VALUE OF REAL ESTATE MARKET RESEARCH FOR YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGN MARKETING CAMPAIGN MARKETING CAMPAIGN When people look for a real estate agent, they want to feel confident that the professional they hire knows their neighborhood well and can help them get the best possible deal on the property they’re looking to buy or sell. Buying or selling […]

Get Creative with Real Estate Postcards

GET CREATIVE WITH REAL ESTATE POSTCARDS POSTCARDS POSTCARDS Real estate postcards allow you to advertise available properties in the best light and drive qualified leads your way. In order to have the desired effect, however, the postcards must prove instantly eye-catching, inspiring recipients to take a closer look. Otherwise, your direct mail marketing materials could […]

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