What to Consider When Selecting a Direct Mail Marketing Company

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING A DIRECT MAIL MARKETING COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY With 81% of U.S. customers reporting that they still read (or at least scan) their mail, direct mail provides you with an excellent means of getting in touch with potential real estate clients. As you delve into direct mail marketing for real estate, […]

How to Get More Real Estate Listings: Strategies for Success

HOW TO GET MORE REAL ESTATE LISTINGS: STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS If hours spent cold-calling has you feeling burned out, you’re not alone. Searching for and landing new listings is one of the most time consuming and exhausting parts of being a real estate agent. The good news is that, as technology advances, you […]

How and Why Agents Should Personalize Their Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

HOW AND WHY AGENTS SHOULD PERSONALIZE THEIR DIRECT MAIL MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY Only an estimated 5% of real estate customers find their agents online, which means that the other 95% of the market relies on other platforms to find the best agents. Direct mail marketing for real estate provides a fantastic strategy, as USPS reports […]

What is The Perfect Blend of Print and Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents?

WHAT IS THE PERFECT BLEND OF PRINT AND DIGITAL MARKETING FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS REAL ESTATE AGENTS REAL ESTATE AGENTS Print marketing is the tried-and-true marketing strategy that has proven effective for real estate agents throughout the years. It’s pretty common for potential clients to find your real estate advertisement in a newspaper, billboards, and of course, direct mailers. However, as […]

How to Become a Local Real Estate Expert

USING DIRECT MAIL MARKETING HOW TO BECOME A LOCAL REAL ESTATE EXPERT EXPERT EXPERT If you want to take your real estate career to the next level, you need to establish yourself as a leader in your local market. People need to recognize you as the premier local real estate expert, inspiring them to always […]

Get More Qualified Leads: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Real Estate Marketing

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE REAL ESTATE MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING INTRO TO A 6 PART SERIES GET MORE QUALIFIED LEADS WHAT IS REAL ESTATE MARKETING? Real estate marketing represents a variety of initiatives solely focused on promoting and growing your business by attracting and educating your target audience on the value and services you provide. […]

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