How and Why Agents Should Personalize Their Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

HOW AND WHY AGENTS SHOULD PERSONALIZE THEIR DIRECT MAIL MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY Only an estimated 5% of real estate customers find their agents online, which means that the other 95% of the market relies on other platforms to find the best agents. Direct mail marketing for real estate provides a fantastic strategy, as USPS reports […]

How to Become a Local Real Estate Expert

USING DIRECT MAIL MARKETING HOW TO BECOME A LOCAL REAL ESTATE EXPERT EXPERT EXPERT If you want to take your real estate career to the next level, you need to establish yourself as a leader in your local market. People need to recognize you as the premier local real estate expert, inspiring them to always […]

Get More Qualified Leads: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Real Estate Marketing

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE REAL ESTATE MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING INTRO TO A 6 PART SERIES GET MORE QUALIFIED LEADS WHAT IS REAL ESTATE MARKETING? Real estate marketing represents a variety of initiatives solely focused on promoting and growing your business by attracting and educating your target audience on the value and services you provide. […]