If you want to take your real estate career to the next level, you need to establish yourself as a leader in your local market. People need to recognize you as the premier local real estate expert, inspiring them to always look your way for valuable information and support. You likely have multiple other agents in your area vying for the “local neighborhood expert” title, so you have to make sure that your marketing strategies outpace the competition and stand out in the crowd. To achieve this, you need to incorporate direct mail marketing for real estate into your strategy.



Direct mail marketing allows you to engage with your specific target audience by sending direct mail pieces directly to the homes of the individuals you’re most interested in working with. You can send out direct mail wherever you’d like to do business and use it to help increase your clientele in that area.

The postcards, brochures, and market reports you send all serve as physical touchpoints, encouraging your potential clients to slow down a bit and take a look. Their brand recall improves as a result, helping instantly position you as a local real estate expert in their minds.

Unlike digital messaging, your customers cannot simply click the ‘X’ and close the window on your correspondence. Instead, they must physically handle the marketing materials, potentially resulting in several more reviews before discarding the item.

Better yet, if they enjoy your mailings, they’ll keep them on hand for future reference and to possibly show other people they know. Then, when they’re ready to move forward, you’ll potentially end up as their first point of contact in all their real estate dealings.

How High-Quality Mail
Pieces Makes a DIFFERENCE

The higher quality your mail pieces, the more likely your customers will keep them on hand. To make a great impression, your mailers must have an eye-catching design, vivid photos, and excellent copy.

When designing your direct mail marketing pieces, the content should answer as many of your clients’ questions as possible before they have a chance to even ask them. As a result, it should inspire them to reach out to you to get a better feel for what it would be like to partner with you.

To reach potential clients in this way, it’s always best to work with a professional design company that focuses on direct mail marketing pieces for real estate. With a more professional touch, you increase the likelihood that your mailers really hit the mark, consequently sending potential clients your way in the process.

Direct Mail vs Digital Messaging Alone

The truth of the matter is that direct mail marketing for real estate and digital messaging go hand in hand. You need both to edge out the competition and establish yourself as a local real estate expert, but it’s very important that you focus the appropriate amount of time and energy on each piece of your marketing strategy.

Direct mail marketing kickstarts the relationship with your customers by sending them truly engaging materials in a professional package. Each mailer should provide timely, pertinent info at a glance that also features vivid imagery that supports the content. Every item you send should also include a compelling call-to-action and strong, eye-catching headlines that drive potential clients your way. Direct mail should always be your primary focus.

Digital messaging allows you to nurture your leads and convert them into lasting clients. You can link your mailers to dedicated landing pages, for example, that lead customers through the buyer’s journey. Furthermore, you can create personal, property, and community websites that make navigating the real estate world more accessible and convenient for all your clients. Your digital presence should reinforce the ideas that your direct mail marketing pieces are preaching, adding validity to your overall marketing efforts and helping shape your reputation as the local neighborhood expert.

Don’t Forget to Scope
Out Your Competitors

To ensure your direct mail marketing approach always hits the mark, you need to stay mindful of what your competitors are doing. Visit their websites, join their mailing lists, and even chat with them over the phone to familiarize yourself with their marketing tactics.

Once you have that info, it’s easy to go well beyond their approach with high-quality, eye-catching materials. Your professional design partners will be able to expertly design all the materials you’ll need to outpace your competition and become a true leader in your local real estate market.

Need Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate?
We Can Help

If you’d like to leverage the power of a direct mail marketing channel, our team at REAL Marketing is here to help. We welcome you to give us a call at 858.879.0819 to have a chat about your business needs and goals. We’ll help craft your marketing strategy, design your materials, and help you lay claim to the title of “local neighborhood expert” in the specific real estate market you’re looking to dominate in.


Automated Market Report - 11" x 17" - Front Cover


This will be completely turnkey for you. This means you’ll only need to approve the initial design and first mailing! Each month after that these will be prepared with new data and sent for you at the same time every month.

Market Report - Collage


BECOME THE DOMINANT FORCE in your community. By presenting homeowners with quality and relevant information, we position you as the hyper-local expert. The impact is immediate — your marketing and professionalism showcased.

Personal Sphere - Featured Listings - Front Cover and Inside


Whether you are just starting out or have an established brand, the Personal Sphere is a great piece to maintain your personal connection to clients, friends, and family. Our Personal Spheres can be selected as a one-time mailing or be developed as a year-long marketing campaign.


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