Market Reports

By providing homeowners with sales data, charts, and maps to inform them about the market conditions of their community, this direct mail piece is the key to an agent's success in farming. It draws on strategies developed over many years of real estate marketing experience, and continually updates relevant information applicable to the current market conditions. This market update positions you as the hyper-local expert and ensures that you stay foremost in homeowners' minds when they consider selling.




Exclusivity and Consistency – a WIN/WIN Situation
The exclusivity concept was designed to create the highest possible competitive advantage for our clients. This principle is not one that is shared by any other marketing company in our industry. By providing you with an exclusive agreement, we ensure your piece will not be copied by any other Realtor®. 

Consistency is the key to any marketing campaign, and is critical to your success. When homeowners start thinking about selling (usually 3-4 months BEFORE they call someone), they immediately start looking for a real estate agent that specializes in their area. It is imperative that you are consistent with your marketing so that when this process starts you are foremost on their mind.

A Campaign for Every Budget
From our basic package to our luxury programs, we offer solutions for every area and budget.

All of our direct mail pieces are printed with state-of-the-art digital presses on high-quality cover stock. Each homeowner's name is printed throughout the piece; this personalization results in maximum effectiveness. This winning combination increases the response rate by 700%.

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